Coding Challenge – Week 15 – Spell Checker (3/3)

Spell Checker (3/3) This is the last post in the series of making a spell checker, it will unfortunately also be the last weekly challenge until at least the summer, due to my A-Levels being just around the corner. Hopefully, however, this doesn't mean that my posts will stop altogether, and I will still post... Continue Reading →

Coding Challenge – Week 14 – Spell Checker (2/3)

Spell Checker Part 2/3This week's challenge is again different to the usual weekly challenges and will continue to take you through the process of writing a spell checker application 🙂 Loading the DictionaryNow you have your trie (see part 1 if not), the next step is to get a dictionary of words and load it... Continue Reading →

Coding Challenge – Week 12 – Merging Phone Books

Merging Phone Books Phone books are essentially sorted arrays of data. Write a function that takes 2 arrays of strings sorted alphabetically and returns 1 array made up of all the elements in both arrays sorted alphabetically. e.g. Merge(["apple", "banana", "pear"], ["apricot", "orange", "papaya"]) will return ["apple", "apricot", "banana", "orange", "papaya", "pear"] You should think... Continue Reading →

Coding Challenge – Week 8 – The Matrix

Matrices are one of the most useful and powerful data structures in computer science - as such most languages have a standard library for matrices - but you can gain a lot from making one yourself 🙂 The MatrixWrite a matrix class with the following properties/methods: User-defined dimensions (e.g. can be 4x6, 3x3, 5x1 etc.)... Continue Reading →

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